Sunday, May 13, 2007

Anatomy Of A Credit Score

Corey Wilson, with Princeton Capital, passes along this valuable information.

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Credit scores today are generated by a complex series of algorithms designed to assess the risk that a borrower will have a late payment within 24 months.
Though every borrower is assessed by the same parameters to generate a credit score, these parameters are weighted differently depending on the borrowers’ characteristics and how well the borrower fits one of ten profi les. Specific profiles are reserved for individuals with even just one 90-day late payment or bankruptcy in their credit history.
More mortgage lenders tie their rates directly to credit scores.

Components Of The Score
Though the model evaluates each data element with respect to “Recent-cy”, “Frequency” and “Severity”, the most important of these perspectives is recent-cy.
35% - Payment History
The perspective weighted most heavily in assessing
payment history is recent-cy.
  • Age of last late payment less than 7 months - big hits
  • Age of last late payment less than 7-24 months - less hit
  • Age of last late payment less than 24months -significant relief

  • 30% - Balances
    This portion of the score assesses how wisely an individual utilizes thier credit. Ideally a borrower should have between 3-5 credit lines. If the ratio of cumulative available revolving credit to cumulative curent balance is high, the credit score will take a hit.

    • Ratio less than 50% - no hit
    • Ratio more than 50% but less than 75% - less hit
    • Ratio more than 75% = big hit

    15% - Credit History

    This portion of the score assesses the number of new trade lines and their respective ages. If trade lines need to be closed, careful consideration
    must be made to the effects of trade line age per creidt amount extended.
    The most credit-scoring-wise decision would be based on the reason codes in the individual reprot making specifi c accomodation for individual circumstances.
    10% - Type of Credit
    This portion of the score reflects what the scoring engine determines a
    “good” mix of credit types. What is “good” in one profile type may not
    be as good if assessed according to another profile type. Across all pro-
    fies, however, finance company credit lines are negatively assessed.
    10% - Inquiries
    Because the engine assumes that a person applying for multiple trade
    lines within a short period of time may be indicative of financial trouble,
    this portion of the scoring engine examines the number of inquiries over
    time made to an individual’s credit report. The scoring engine treats certain economic sectors differently than credit line issue-ers. If an inquiry is made by a lender within the last 12 months, the mortgage financier gets a 30 day window during which time additional inquiries will not negatively affect the score.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Exquisite Orinda Mediterranean Home


570 Orindawoods Drive

WOW! What a beautiful home! This newly constructed home is approximately 4420 square feet on over 3 acres! Soaring ceilings, fabulous Master bedroom retreat with an additional 3 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, library that could be 5th bedroom, very large kitchen/family great room, large media room, 3 car garage and more!

Builder is still finishing work so there is time to make some changes!!!!!

Give me a call to see this magnificent home!

Listed at $2,200,000

Listed by
Pam Schwartz
Kay Pannu

Friday, February 16, 2007

Nervous About Selling???

Are you Nervous About Putting Your Home On The Market???

Sheila Anderson of Ocala Residential, Inc., licensed real estate broker, offers 10 tips to simplify selling a house in a nervous market. Perhaps you are facing a transfer, considering downsizing, or moving to a different area. Or you want the family and kids settled in time for the 2007-2008 school year.

Buyers and sellers may have the jitters from declining real estate sales and fluctuating prices.

Whatever the case, housing prices remain near historical highs.

"There's a lot more to selling your house than setting up a sign and waiting for buyers to come," Anderson says. "This is a business decision. Your goal is to make your experience as simple as possible-for you and the buyer."
The following 10 steps can get a seller started.
It starts with attitude.
1. Detach emotionally from the property.
2. Lose the clutter.
3. Present the front.
4. Always be honest - with your buyer, and with the real estate broker. If there is a problem, tell them about it.
5. Make the house sparkle, especially the kitchen, bathrooms and your windows
6. Disappear when real estate agents show the property
7. Get ready to show the house any time. Once it is on the market, it is always a good time to show the house - if you really want to sell it. That accidental visitor could well be your buyer.
8. Prepare a list of items the buyer might want to use - the lawnmower, the grill, the patio and porch furniture, the draperies. Mark them "for the buyer." It's a little touch, but a separate bill of sale can provide tax advantages for the buyer at closing time.
9. Keep your cool. Buyers and sellers both tend to go a little crazy during a sale. Don't get emotional; keep your sense of humor. Some people will give you a low-ball offer. Don't get offended; give them a counter-offer you consider fair.
10. Consider getting out of the way at closing time
The more professional and calm the deal stays, the better a shot you will have with the fewest surprises.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Coldwell Bankers New Presidents Says "Surprising Up-tick In Activity!"

Coldwell Banker Welcomes New President!
Larry Klapow recently became our new President. He brings great insight to our market and I would like to share a few of his thoughts.

Bay Area Housing Market Enjoying Surprising Up-tick in Activity

Despite all the talk in the news media about a housing slowdown, the Bay Area has started 2007 with an up-tick in activity. The problem in many cities is that there are not enough homes for sale. I know this sounds crazy based on what you’ve seen on TV or read in the newspapers lately, but good homes that are fairly priced are selling almost as fast as they come on the market.

No one knows for sure whether the strong January market will continue on into the spring and summer. Will the market return to the red-hot price appreciation we saw in 2002-2005? It’s highly unlikely, and that’s probably for the best. That kind of market could not be sustained over the long run and really isn’t healthy for anyone –buyers or sellers.

Instead, CAR economists believe we can expect normal, balanced market through the year with sales fairly level and single-digit price appreciation. And given all the other benefits of owning your own home, that sounds pretty good to me.

Thursday, February 1, 2007


Did you know......Your name, address, credit score and even 7-digits of your social security number are being sold by credit bureaus to any business willing to pay for it????

The only way to avoid the sale of this personal information is to officially OPT-OUT of the program by visiting

and following the instructions to do so. When you get to the website, you will choose to do one of three things:
(1) opt-in to the program (if you previously opted out, you can opt-in)
(2) opt-out for a period of 5 years
(3) opt-out permanently

The website is maintained by the credit bureaus and has a "sales pitch" giving you all the reasons why you shouldn't opt-out, but you can and should if you do not wish to have your information sold.

Oh, by the way...If you were buying or selling a home, or had a friend or family member who was, do you have a Realtor you would refer them to? I would like to apply for that job! Just give me a call or email, thanks!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January 30, 2007

The Rez..ahh, my first blog, what better image to begin this new adventure? The Lafayette Reservoir is almost perfect. Every season is remarkable, the grasses, shrubs, trees, wildlife, water, nature's fragrences..walking, running, rowing, playing, fishing, watching, listening. I used to be able to jog around it with Catherine in a stroller. LOL, that was a long time ago. That's ok. Soon I'll walk the Rez with Baby Jack and we'll explore the wonders that are just waiting to be discovered.